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What is uCAD?

uCAD is a digital cash that can be used to make payments, transfers and transact online. You can acquire or resell 1 uCAD for $1.00 CAD (minus fees) through a retail/online converter network member or through other peers. You can then use uCAD to hold, use or even acquire cryptocurrencies.

How to use uCAD

These are just some of the ways to utilize uCAD.


Use uCAD to pay for services and products

P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

Quickly send and receive value around the world


The stability of CAD in digital currency format


Move efficiently between dollars and cryptocurrency

Where to get uCAD

The uCAD digital currency is available at retail locations and online converters.

It's easy to use and go to/from uCAD

#1 Create Account

Create an account on U.EXCHANGE, download the uCAD app or use another compatible wallet or service.

#2 Find Converter

Find an online or retail converter near you through on our Finder Map and interact with them directly

#3 Get Transacting

Send uCAD to others, make payments or use them with businesses and services on top of many other functions.

Ready to

Merging the cash and digital worlds

Utilizing blockchain technologies and traditional currencies with a distributed retail network.
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When you hold uCAD digital currency in your own wallets, you are fully in control of your funds.

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As standard tokens on blockchain networks, uCAD is able to be utilized across a wide ranging set of existing services and wallets.

Powerful Performance


The value of network reserves backing uCAD is made available for the public and updated regularly.

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Pegged to CAD

All uCAD is pegged to Canadian dollars and is available to be converted in locations across Canada.

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Blockchain Powered

The uCAD digital currency is built using open-source blockchain technology for security and transparency.

Powerful Performance

Growing Ecosystem

Digital currency services, retail/online businesses and many others are helping grow the uCAD network.

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Global Usability

uCAD is designed to let your funds be usable from your wallet to between other people and businesses.

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Beginner Friendly

The network and uCAD is easy to use for even individuals with no understanding of cryptocurrencies.

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The digital uCAD currency opens up many new possibilities and business models for the digital economy.

Money designed for digital commerce

Users and businesses can now transact with cash in the same manner as cryptocurrencies.

IndividualsRegular users and traders

Move your funds quickly between wallets, users and businesses with full control

Enhance your trading experience with a custom catered digital cash tokens

Have full control and custody of your funds whenever you want reducing risk

BusinessesOnline & retail companies

Use uCAD as an upgraded option to traditional currency payments and settlements

Send and receive funds while also being able to cash in our out when required

Allow users to pay with cash at converters, then make digital purchases online

Digital OrganizationsCryptocurrency industry entities

Integrate uCAD to provide access to a digital canadian pegged dollar to your users

Price services in currency denomination that canadian users are accustomed to

Reduce operational friction, cost and time in dealing with financial institutions


Most popular frequently asked questions
Why was uCAD created?
uCAD was built so that the canadian dollar can start moving faster. uCAD is a digital canadian dollar powered by blockchain technology. Like other crypto assets, it can move instantaneously, anywhere in the world, any time of any day, and it’s programmable. Unlike other crypto assets, uCAD is stable. It is backed 1:1 for CAD and is empowered by a distributed network of retail and online converters who provide cash to uCAD services nationally.
Why is a digital canadian dollar beneficial?
Unlike regular canadian dollars, uCAD doesn’t require a bank account. It doesn’t require that you live in a particular area and you can send uCAD around through an internet connection at an extremely low cost in just a few minutes. This opens the doors to unbound digital innovation for commerce and peer-to-peer transactions.
What can uCAD be used for?
uCAD can be used to hold canadian dollars in a digital format, to reduce exposure to cryptocurrency volatility, to remove cross-border transaction fees and to move between digital currencies with ease or as payments for services. In the future many new capabilities will be unlocked as the greater ecosystem builds new services and functions.
How is uCAD programmable?
Being programmable unlocks a whole new world of applications and business ideas: developers can create accounts to store money with one line of code; lending that is faster, cheaper, and more transparent; faster and cheaper payments, including payroll; global crowdfunding; transparent and stable donations to charity are just some of the capabilities that can be developed on top of uCAD.
Is uCAD divisible to the cent like a dollar?
uCAD is in fact more divisible than the Canadian Dollar as it currently supports 8 decimal places ($0.00000001).
What blockchain network does uCAD use?
uCAD currently utilizes the Ethereum blockchain because of its status as the market leading smart contract platform and strong support from developers. In the future we will build uCAD on Bitcoin and other networks if the demand is available.
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Powered By uFiats

A distributed global organization for digital cash token technology and ecosystem development

uCAD is the first to market digital cash tokens from uFiats, an open source technology mission bootstrapped by contributions from multiple entities in the cryptocurrency industry. This organization is responsible for governing uCAD and other related digital cash tokens and is dedicated to bridging cash and digital currencies in an integrated global ecosystem.

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